Summer 2015 Clinic Dates: Monday, June 22, 2015 – Friday, June 26, 2015

“The Impact that makes the difference before, during and after the game!”

Gain Knowledge

Education is the foundation that HoopImpact Sports and Entertainment stands upon. Being a leader in the classroom and displaying academic excellence is the key to being the all-star athlete on the court. Hoop Impact is dedicated to enriching each player with education essentials.

Build Skills

Basketball is a sport that requires practice and technique. At HoopImpact, we build confidence in our players and give them the one-on- one training it takes to improve skill and develop proficiency. We invite players of all skill and experience levels.

Make an Impact

HoopImpact was founded on the principles of community and positive impact on society. As participants in the clinic, players will interact with counselors and staff that have positively impacted their communities and the lives of those they encounter. Each participant will leave with the motivation to uphold high morals and standards – on and off the court!